Mingwo Platform Service Rules

Chapter I Overview

Launched by Bainuo Intelligent Health Technology Co., Ltd., Mingwo is the world’s first smart health service platform in sharing mode. The platform can be divided into two parts: infrastructure and sharers as platform co-founders. Platform infrastructure is completed by Bainuo Intelligent Health Technology Co., Ltd., and sharers as platform co-founders are businesses/institutions engaged in health service or individuals that intend to initiate a health career. Sharers build different types of health service sites based on Mingwo infrastructure and provide users with smart health service through service sites.

1.1  The Rules shall be applicable to operators within Mingwo Service Site (hereinafter referred to as “internal operators”), including individuals or businesses/institutions engaged in health service. Internal operators can establish their own health service sites through Mingwo to provide users with smart health services.
1.2  Pursuant to Mingwo Service Site Operational Policy, this Rules is formulated for the purpose of promoting the platform ecosystem which features equality, openness, and transparency.
1.3  Mingwo Platform Service Rules are terms and conditions defining regulations, obligations, and rights of internal operators who join in Mingwo Health Service Site, including health managers.
1.4  Identification of violation and punishment are determined by Mingwo and strictly carried out in accordance with relevant rules and facts, in consideration of national laws, regulations, rules, evidence materials provided by users and internal operators, and other relevant information from platform recordings. These Rules apply equally to all internal operators who join in Mingwo Health Service Site.
1.5  The internal Operator shall abide by national laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules, and other normative documents. In case of any suspected violation of normative documents such as national laws, administrative regulations, and departmental rules, the violators are subject to punishment in accordance with the Rules if such violation is covered by the Rules, or by Mingwo at its sole discretion, in compliance with relevant or similar rules if such violation is not covered by the Rules, provided that in no case shall such punishment by Mingwo relieve internal operators from the legal liability arising out of the violation of laws, breach of contract, and other behaviors.
1.6  Mingwo platform has the right to, from time to time, to amend, supplement or update the Rules, of which internal operators will be notified through the platform, internal operators’ back-end management system or other channels. If the internal operator disagrees with relevant amendment, supplement, or update, the user shall immediately cease the use of relevant services provided by Mingwo and shall notify Mingwo in a timely manner. Mingwo has the right to unilaterally identify and take control measures or punitive measures against internal operators involving violations in accordance with these Rules or other relevant punitive rules.
1.7  Internal operators stated in these Rules mean businesses, institutions, organizations, individual commercial households and individuals who enroll in Mingwo platform.

Chapter two Enrollment

The user shall complete the registration in accordance with the registration process set by Mingwo system and Mingwo Service Site Operational Policy. The user has the right to apply for joining Mingwo to become an internal operator only if the user abides by national laws and regulations and satisfies the following conditions:

2.1  The internal operators shall read and accept Mingwo Service Site Operational Policy, and operate the service site in accordance with Mingwo Service Site Operational Policy.
2.2  The internal operator shall sign and acknowledge to abide by all the rules and requirements from Mingwo.
2.3  The internal operators shall satisfy other conditions which Mingwo requires.

Chapter Three Operation

3.1  Service Sites
3.1.1  The internal operator shall select a name of service site or provide other application information in accordance with the national laws and regulations and relevant rules of platform, which shall not contain relevant information violating laws or being suspected of infringing on the rights of other persons
3.1.2  All the information which the internal operator uploads to service site, including service site’s name, introduction, announcements, full columns, and activity areas shall be true and valid and consistent with registration information.
3.2  Commoditie
3.2.1  The internal operator enables to sell all the products from Mingwo health mall to users through his/her service site. The internal operator shall set a corresponding and unified price of a product provided by Mingwo health mall.
3.2.2  The internal operator enables to sell products or services, including physical examinations, health insurances, private doctors and other health-related products or services, to users through his/her service site. The internal operator shall set a corresponding and unified price of a product or service provided by Mingwo health mall.
3.2.3  The internal operator shall not edit or post any product which violates national laws and regulations.
3.3  Marketing and Promotion
3.3.1  The internal operator shall partake in Mingwo marketing activities in accordance with relevant activity rules from Mingwo.
3.4  After-sale services and reviews
3.4.1  The internal operator shall be obliged to provide corresponding after-sales services according to Mingwo Platform Service Rules published by Mingwo.
3.4.2  Mingwo provides internal operators and buyers with after-sale service tools, for the convenience of communications between internal operators and buyers. The internal operator shall use the corresponding tools to ensure high-quality services in accordance with relevant regulations of health managers services management.

Chapter Four Termination of Collaboration

4.1  Service site shall be closed or declared invalid when the daily number of users lower than 300 in continuous three mouths or the service site closed by the internal operator, in accordance with Mingwo Service Site Operational Policy.
4.2  Mingwo has the right to disqualify the internal operator if the internal operator:
4.2.1  Is involved in malicious competition, affects the rights and interests of buyers or the reputation of Mingwo and otherwise violates the principle of fair market competition, the good-faith principle and the public order and good custom; or
4.2.2  By unlawful means, uses the Mingwo registered logo or domain name for improper publicity or commercial activities, which misleads buyers, infringes on the intellectual property rights of Mingwo and adversely influences Mingwo; or
4.2.3  Publishes comments to viciously slander or dwarf Mingwo, using words, pictures and otherwise, through online, offline and other channels, which adversely influences Mingwo; or
4.2.4  Builds the brand through Mingwo Service Site which may forge other brands, product titles, packaging, corporation names, product quality marks or other information, which may easily confuse and mislead consumers.

Chapter five Market Management

5.1  To improve the experiences of buyers and maintaining the normal operation of the market, Mingwo may take the following measures against users or merchants in accordance with the Rules:
5.1.1  Warning: An oral or written warning or admonishment of Mingwo against misconduct of an internal operator;
5.1.2  Punishment notification: Notification of punishment on the internal operator in the Mingwo internal operator management system or on service site and otherwise.
5.1.3  Restriction on participation in marketing activities: Restriction on participation by the internal operator in marketing activities initiated by Mingwo;
5.1.4  Search ranking blocking for a single product: Blocking of the ranking of a product in the search result
5.1.5  Monitoring a single product: The product in a certain period of time inaccessible through search, links of commodities, or other methods;
5.1.6  Deleting products: Deleting the products released by internal operators;
5.1.7  Deleting information: Deleting any information on service sites, products, activities pages or other locations;
5.1.8  Deleting sales and removing reviews and feedback: Deleting some or all sales and reviews and feedback of products;
5.1.9  Restriction on Internal operator/health manager from logging in: The prohibition on the Internal operator/health manager from logging in Mingwo and the Mingwo back-end management system;
5.1.10  Restriction on community functions: Restriction on use by the internal operator of manager sharing, manager consultation and other interactive services;
5.1.11  Restriction on opening a new service site: Restriction on opening a new service site by the internal operator on Mingwo;
5.1.12  Monitoring service site: relevant departments of Mingwo legally monitoring its information security;
5.1.13  Service site shutdown: the internal operator’s service site shutdown;
5.1.14  Account blocking: The permanent prohibition against the use by the Internal operator/health manager of a violating account to log in Mingwo and Mingwo back-end management system and the health manager system.
5.2  Market Management Requirements
5.2.1  The internal operator shall actively improve its operation level and provide buyers with high-quality services. Mingwo will properly reward the internal operator whose overall performance is excellent.
5.2.2  If the internal operator behaves in a manner which endangers the transaction security or disturbs the normal operation of Mingwo, Mingwo will take management measures according to the degree of danger. Mingwo also has the right to impose a punishment and require the internal operator to assume liability for the breach in accordance with the Rules.
5.2.3  The internal operator’s behaviors are brought legal proceedings which has already caused or may cause actual loss and adverse effect, if the internal operator offers null and void contact information, renders negative reply, continuously breaches or otherwise,Mingwo will take management measures according to the degree of danger which has already caused or may cause.
5.3  Punishment
5.3.1  In case of violation by the internal operator, the internal operator shall remedy the violation in a timely manner, and Mingwo will notify of such punishment in the internal operator management system and otherwise.
5.3.2  Violation by the internal operator is found by other internal operators or through complaints from an obligee or investigation by Mingwo.
5.4  Violation Appeal
5.4.1  If undertakings or explanations made by the internal operator are inconsistent with the Rules which Mingwo will not take as the evidence of violation appeal, punishments for violation will not be suspended or canceled, unless the evidence or judgments are false.
5.4.2  The internal operator may, within 14 calendar days (excluding duration of review by Mingwo) following punishment for violation, submit a violation appeal through Mingwo internal operator back-end system, and operation department of Mingwo will carry out verification.