Launched by Bainuo Intelligent Health Technology Co., Ltd., MingWo is the world’s first smart health service platform in sharing mode. The platform can be divided into two parts: infrastructure and sharers as platform co-founders. Platform infrastructure is completed by Bainuo Intelligent Health Technology Co., Ltd., and sharers as platform co-founders are businesses/institutions engaged in health service or individuals that intend to initiate a health career. Sharers build different types of health service sites based on MingWo infrastructure and provide users with smart health service through service sites.

The core basic capabilities of MingWo infrastructure are “health products coving the entire world”, “multi-disciplinary health doctors”, and “health AI doctor”. Health products include healthy diets, products preventing health risks, health products for external use, and health hardware. Multi-disciplinary health doctors include GPs, TCM doctors, chronic disease doctors, dieticians, pharmacists, nutritionists, aesthetic dermatologists, rehabilitation physicians, and pediatricians. The health AI doctor has functions of smart physical health examination and confirmation, smart differentiation of diseases according to pathological changes of the viscera and their interrelations, smart dietician, AI skin test, smart pharmacist, health risk AI, health insurance robot, physical examination plan robot, medical record decryption robot, and smart GP, promoting smart health service with AI.
We aim to help users solve health problems, understand their health
conditions, and start a new life of smart health through MingWo.