Apply for a Service Site
Who can apply for a service site
Individuals who want to
initiate a health career
Significance of service sites for individuals
Initiating a health career at no cost
Owning a cloud-based health service site
Providing smart health services for users through the service site
Businesses or institutions
engaged in health service
Drug stores, health clubs, rehabilitation centers,
beauty salons, aged care facilities, catering establishments,
medical clinics, and rehabilitation facilities
Significance of service sites for businesses
Health capabilities, improved health service,
extended health products and services,
and more income
Rewards granted by MingWo to health managers
The “service prizes” and “service subsidies” are set up according to the health-related consumption on the service site managed by
each health manager and are settled monthly. For details, refer to the MingWo Service Site Operational Policy
based on which you apply for a service site.
Application for activation
Application for activation
MingWo service site Your turning point
White-collar workers/business founders
Health-related institutions
Fill in the following application information carefully.
MingWo is the world’s first smart health service platform in sharing mode. Businesses/institutions or individuals engaged in health service can establish their own cloud-based health service sites through MingWo to provide users with smart health service.
*Select applicant
*Select service site type(unchangeable after selection)
*Name of enterprise or organization (Station owner)(unchangeable after selection)
*Name of applicant
*Name of applicant (Station owner)
*ID number
*Phone number
*Verification code
*ID card (front and back)
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